Fantasy Football WR Dashboard: Compare 2-4 Players at Once

If you have ever wanted an easy and visual way to compare players’ stats, you are on the right part of the internet. I created an interactive dashboard that allows users to filter a set of charts to feature comparable statistics of up to 4 WR’s at a time. The file is available for download at the end of this page, but there is a usable version right here:

The value in this comes from differentiating between WR’s who are more heavily focused and those who take advantage of more opportunities. As long as situational factors are kept in context, this dashboard is an incredible tool to use when compiling fantasy football rankings and settling arguments with the click of a few buttons.


To better understand how to use the dashboard and how to interpret some results you may see from it, I have included a few screen shots of different player comparisons as well as the commentary to go along with it. To select more than one player, hold control (Windows) or command (Apple) down while clicking multiple players names.

Diggs appears to be a main option when BUF needs to score, yet Waddle averages more points per target, has a higher catch percentage and hauled in more receptions. The ideology that Metcalf is a ‘all-or-nothing’ WR is somewhat visible here given his high touchdowns and yards per reception. But next year he will be rated lower than both of those WR’s (in PPR fantasy), and these charts back that up.
The trio of WR that made it to the super bowl are generally not the WR’s you’ll be comparing most of the time, but this shows additional data that proves what doesn’t need to be said; Chase is the best WR on the team and leads in many statistics, Boyd is the slot WR that moves the chains and Higgins can be a superstar at times.

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