Fantasy Football RB Dashboard: Compare 2-4 Players at Once

The most valuable position in fantasy each year is the running back due to limited workhorses and their consistent workload in every offense. While the best individual player for the position is a considerable and important debate, the importance of the position never goes underestimated.

Before indulging in this useful tool, be sure to have the same advantage when it comes to WR’s, QB’s and D/ST’s by checking out the WR Dashboard, QB Dashboard and D/ST Dashboard at the individual links within this text.

In similar fashion to my WR, QB, and D/ST dashboard , I developed another interactive dashboard that compares up to four RB’s stats from last year, all on the same visual charts for easy comparison and reference:

If the charts don’t appear in the visible window, try moving around the view within the window (sometimes it gives users a default selection of a cell that is out of view of the charts). If there are further problems accessing the charts or navigating the tabs, the next best thing is to download the real file for Excel.

There is a download link for that file of the dashboard for those interested. I recommend downloading as it’s a bit easier to navigate with more space and full functionality, however the benefit can be seen on mobile or desktop devices straight from this webpage.

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