Monday Mock Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers – Way Too Early?

Team needs & why:


  • 2nd lowest total spending on OL in NFL
  • Run game to the left has been poor
  • Build from the trenches


  • Defensive scheme thrives with lockdown corners
  • Every CB is only under contract through 2024 or sooner
  • Deep CB draft class


  • Alualu, Wormley, Heyward all 30+ years old
  • Defensive scheme needs deep rotation
  • Build from the trenches

First idea:

Grab a CB that is smart and can make plays, but isn’t the prototypical size, then secure offensive linemen to improve the overall unit. A middle linebacker is a huge difference maker.

Second Idea:

Follow the Steeler way and follow the family ties from Joey Porter to his lockdown, uber talented son. Then overhaul the offensive line (and you can never have too many Pickens).

Joey Porter Jr.

Broderick Jones

O’Cyrus Torrence

Zacch Pickens

Third Idea:

Draft the best overall player available, taking physical attributes, positional value and potential productivity into consideration.

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